Don’t Be Afraid To Put Yourself Out There!

What’s the story? Why so many different accounts? Are you just indecisive?

All excellent questions, haha definitely loved that indecisive one in the past that was definitely me, even sometimes today I’ve got one of those personalities where I just want to please like everyone! But it’s just not physically possible! Something I am learning every day that not everyone is gonna get you or enjoy what you ramble on about but if its what you are passionate about it doesn’t matter as there are billions of people on this beautiful planet so I’m sure there will be someone as nutty as you who gets it!

That’s the beauty of social media you can literally have any passion in the world, and someone will have that same goal, and you can meet lots of likeminded people who make you feel empowered. The only thing is you have to put yourself out there and risk the potential embarrassment, uneasy conversations and be consistent to actually find others to share your journey with.

They say the first step is documentation… so after so many times of saying yes ill make that account, I’ll put myself out there, eventually, all those excuses were not getting me anywhere.

So today, I stepped outside my comfort zone and said yes to putting myself out there! It’s time to stop being afraid of what everyone else might think! And stop listing all the reasons why it wouldn’t work.

It might not work, but if you don’t try you will never know! Taking that first step to pursue a new goal is scary but once you make that initial step and start to actively put yourself out there you will find its actually not as bad as you thought! But just have to have the confidence to START!



Banana oat Cookies

Sweet Banana oat cookies, these little soft textured biscuits are wholesome and naturally sweet with both banana and adding an extra sweetness by using golden syrup protein powder. The recipe has only 4 ingredients and takes less than 20 mins to make.

The great thing about this recipe is that it is a base recipe so you can add extra flavours, chunks or whatever you like to make lots of different variations.


108g Banana (medium banana)

45g Oats (gluten free is required)

40g Muscle Moose golden syrup pancake mix

45ml Egg White

banana oat cookies


Pre-heat the oven to 180C, in a bowl mash the banana and combine the other ingredients. Leave the mixture to sit for a few minutes to allow the oats to soak up the mixture! Spoon the mixture into six even blobs on a baking tray and pop in the oven for 12-15mins.

banana oat cookies

Macros per cookie


10.5c (1.6f 2.4s)



But You Look Healthy?

I don’t know how to write this; ever since I went to an endocrinologist the past week (7 weeks ago) I have been in two minds about what to do! Which has been on my mind a lot, its something I don’t know quite how to talk about or who to talk to about it. So I thought the only person I can talk to is myself but having all those thoughts going around in my head is not getting me anywhere, hence the splurge onto paper to try to make some sense of it all. The recent visit was regarding a deeper issue a side effect of my eating disorder that no one knows about, and maybe something that doesn’t get talked about enough.

Through my eating disorder due to malnutrition bone health and hormonal health took a plummet, but from the outside, you can’t see or tell even when you are in the mist of the illness you can’t see inside your body to know the effects. The lack of hormones is something that happens to people not just with eating disorders but in the fitness circle, by staying too lean or being in a stressed state. Personally, when people talk about period pains or complain about it I have no idea what they are talking about with only having a few in a lifetime it is something people take for granted.

It is not the only issue, that is concerning it’s more the fact that being given synthetic replacements to kick start things is something I am incredibly resistant too. Is this due to not wanting to let go of my illness or is it truly because I just want it to happen naturally?

Part of me think’s its hard just to let it all go, I was not in the best place mentally going into that appointment which didn’t help when they told me I had gained weight. Knowing this anyway as that was the intention of the gaining phase but to not be prepared for that knocked me for six….I suddenly felt overwhelmed with guilt and self-hate. I probably will never post this as I don’t want to appear negative or anything like that but to lie to myself that some days it still is hard. Some days it can be the hardest thing to look at yourself and see how far you have come yet how challenging that can be to notice the changes.

I don’t know where I am going with this I just need to explore these feelings and hope that it’s just a little phase, isn’t just a hormone factor it’s also related to low muscle mass because of wastage. I love my gym and the empowering feeling I get from being there but to be told that your muscle mass is below standard levels is hard…will it stop me from trying to be the best I can be?

No, but for a minute there it did make me feel well what is the point?

Don’t worry that did not last very long…because of course there is a point no matter how bad things are or where you are starting from you can make your situation that little bit better. If it takes longer to get there so what, it’s your journey, your life, it does not matter in the slightest how long it takes to reach your goals.

Focus on what you can control, be damn proud of how far you have come and only compare yourself to where you used to me!

Protein Crispy Cakes

Rice crispy cakes take me all the way back to my childhood, pretty much every Easter we would make some form of rice crispy cake! Who can remember doing this as a child?

A tasty super simple you know me, I like to keep ingredient lists small and simple, so I decided to add a little protein twist on the traditional crispy clusters. A great snack and you can use whatever chocolate treats you got on Sunday to make these just how you like them!

This recipe makes eight as I like to make so many recipes at a time so I make small batches but you can easily double the recipe to make more!


25g Good Grain puffs ( rice crispies or gluten-free alternative)

15g Whey Box – Vanilla

60g Chocolate Callets (Chocolate of Choice)

mini eggs to decorate

crispy cakes


Melt the chocolate callets in a microwavable bowl, add the whey powder and puffed rice stir, I recommend adding the puffs slowly to get an even coat. Spoon into cupcake holders and decorate with mini eggs, refrigerate until firm.

crispy cakes

Macros (crispy cake only)




4.1c (0.2f, 1.3s)





Mini Egg Cupcakes

Easter chocolate, fluffy cupcake muffin cross, the reason being that they are a little too big for cupcakes and a little small for a muffin but let’s face it we don’t like to categories here its all cake yummy and fluffy. Haha, I have been a little busy lately and I have missed blogging and making lots of yummy cakes but don’t worry there are a few recipes and other posts coming along soon!

A little easter cupcake as its the bank holiday and baking is always a good idea so here is a quick easy cupcake recipe for you to try!


100g quark/ aplro go

35g GoNutrition chocolate whey

120ml Egg White or flax egg

80g oats

35g cocoa

1/2 tsp baking powder

NB: for a sweeter tooth add some stevia drops or sweetener of choice

easter cupcake


100-150g yoghurt/dairy free option

10g coconut flour 

mini eggs


Preheat the oven to 180C

Weigh the ingredients into a bowl and whisk together until smooth, then spoon the mixture into muffin cases and place into the oven for 15-20mins. Bake until a skewer comes out clean, set aside to cool.

for the frosting mix the coconut flour and yoghurt together until a thick texture forms top each muffin and decorate with mini eggs or vegan alternative.

mini egg cupcake

Macros (muffins only makes 6 )



10.3c (2.8f 0.9s)


Hot Cross Pancakes

Easter is coming….the eggs are slowly taking over every supermarket! So with that, I thought it was about time the fluffy Easter bunny comes up with some recipes for the holidays!

Have you ever decided you don’t like a food before actually trying it?

Personally, I have been guilty of this! Either because it sounds like something I wouldn’t enjoy or it’s an old habit of just sticking to what you know! But you can’t make hot cross pancakes without actually trying a hot cross bun right?

So, I had my very first hot cross bun, and it was surprisingly delicious, and with that, I tried to come up with a pancake hybrid for a yummy hot cross version.


30g Oats

15g GoNutrition Maple Syrup Protein

100ml Egg white

1tsp Cinnamon

1/2tsp baking powder

1/2 sachet Whitworth shot (I used Toffee & Pecan)

hot cross pancakes


Weigh out all the ingredients into a blend minus the shot and blend until you get a thick batter mixture, fold in the Whitworth shot.

Heat a pan with oil of choice then cook each pancake for about 2-3 mins on each side, transfer to a plate and add your desired toppings! I used the remaining Whitworth shot and a cross made with yoghurt.

hot cross pancakes

Macros (recipe only)




27.4c (2.9f 8s)

More yummy pancakes recipes in 5 delicious protein pancake recipes which you can add your own easter theme toppings too!





4 Healthy Sweet toppings!

Macro hacks…what are macro hacks? Essential it’s a little way of making something taste great that has a minimal effect on your overall macros. I know some of you don’t track macros, and that’s cool….do what works for you! You may then look at these little alternatives as a healthier sweet treat.

Chocolate sauce

A super simple macro friendly chocolate sauce, which you can easily adjust the consistency to suit whatever you are making!


15g Cocoa powder

65ml warm water

If you have a sweet tooth, you may want to add some stevia or sweetener of choice as its quite rich!



2.9c (4.1f 0.1s)


chocolate sauce
Protein Frosting

A super quick easy way to make a frosting to layer between pancakes, top cupcakes, rice cakes the possibilities are endless. Also, a great way to get an extra bit of protein and create a macro-friendly sweet treat.

It depends on what kind of thickness you are looking for if you want a very thick frosting I would edge towards 15g grams. Just measure out your yoghurt and gently fold the powder until combined!


100g Greek yoghurt or Soy equivalent

10-15 g Muscle Moose Protein powder

Macros (based on 15g powder)


8c (2s)


protein frosting


I have experimented with this one, have you ever found that sometimes on pancakes or cakes you fancy a little runny icing? Yoghurt alone is a little thick for this purpose ( I am by no means saying this tip is the equivalent to icing) That being said to make yoghurt like icing consistency adding a little milk to loosen the texture and you can get creative by adding some flavour drops to make a tasty drizzle.


65g yoghurt

15ml almond/ milk of choice





protein pancakes

Caramel style sauce

Sweet, sticky, gooey caramel style sauce/spread a golden tasty topper that’s super easy to make and is very macro friendly. All you need is three ingredients and a small bowl!

Simply combine the ingredients adding the water slowly until your desired consistency and spread onto whatever takes your fancy.


10g Peanut Flour ( I used GoNutrition)

20g Go Nutrition Gingerbread whey

20ml water



5c (2s )


Caramel Spread


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