Red Velvet Brownies

There’s something about Red Velvet that just takes a chocolate cake to a whole new level, after many conversations lately with my friend about cake! what else, and seeing the red velvet cupcakes on Bake Off I took to the kitchen to create a high protein, tasty brownie for everyone to enjoy!

No fancy ingredients, easy to make and you can get creative with your toppings!

Perfect bake for Mother’s day


120ml Egg White

100g Greek Yoghurt

32g (1 Scoop) White chocolate & Raspberry Muscle Moose 

80g Oats

35g Cocoa powder

10ml red food colouring (can use beetroot or sub)

1/2tsp baking powder

red velvet brownies


Pre-heat the oven to 180C

In a large bowl combine all the ingredient until well combined, transfer to an 8inch lined brownie tin and place in the oven for 25-30mins, remove from the oven when a skewer comes out clean.

Decorate with your desired toppings!

protein baking

Macros 1/9



6.8c (1.8f 0.8s)


Let me know if you give them a try @Fit_Foodie_Fan

GoNutrition – Choc Crunch Review

GoNutrition are the next to hit a new tasty lion style chocolate protein bar – over 12 months in the making new protein crunch bar available in chocolate caramel!

“The Pro-Crunch bar is quite possibly the best tasting low carb protein bar anywhere in the UK right now.”

Protein Bar

The protein bar industry has taken a massive leap recently offering an abundance of great tasty high-quality bars so it’s exciting to put this bar to the test! On opening, you get a burst of chocolate aroma with a long chunky bar with a rippled chocolate coating. The chocolate layer is evenly coated with visible crispies underneath giving an aesthetic appearance, very similar to that of “Smart bar” and “CNP profusion”.

On biting into the bar you are met with a soft chewy chocolate brownie base with a sweet-salty caramel layer and the crunchiness from the crispies giving a nice textural experience. The base itself is very similar to there chocolate caramel whey, on its own is a little protein powder taste especially the aftertaste but when its combined with the other layers it not noticeable at all.  The caramel is a rich golden colour with a very nice balance of sweet and salty silky layer of indulgence whilst having less than 2g of sugar is very impressive. The crispy pieces which are nestled between the caramel and chocolate layers give a nice crunch which works well giving a tasty bar to satisfy a sweet carving.

Protein Bar

Overall a very nice bar – with lots of flavour and texture well worth giving it a try! 8/10




25c (1.9s)


February Foodie Favourites

Breyers Cookie Cream

As healthier ice creams go we have been well and truly spoilt with first Oppo then Halo top and now Breyers. Breyers is a high protein low-calorie ice cream available in chocolate, vanilla, cookie and cream and mint chocolate. I have personally taken a bit of a liking to the cookie and cream one, with a milky white base and an abundance of chocolate cookie pieces. Although I will say, it can be hit and miss whether the tube is full or not, which let’s face it no one wants to find a tub like that!

The texture is soft fluffy and light as kinda per usual with a low-calorie ice cream; the base was a subtle not very sweet vanilla quite plain, making the cookie pieces the star of the show. The bits themselves were crispy which is good, giving different textures and had a sweet chocolate taste. This ice cream is gluten free therefore the cookie pieces are more chocolate clusters, and it’s interesting how they managed the but overall a lovely tasting ice-cream.


cookie cream ice cream


It just so happened that I was working the day that DoughNotts came to the monthly Beeston Farmers market so I mean it was meant to be right? Even better when your boss treats everyone to a doughnut, I went for the Malteser Doughnut! Firstly, I love Maltesers the biscuit chocolate combination bring sweet, silky chocolate and a crunchy centre and secondly because it just looked so aesthetic with a little white chocolate drizzle. Let’s not talk about how very careful I carried it home to ensure the doughnut did get smudged!

The doughnut was soft and fluffy in texture with a sweet chocolate glaze, but not so sweet that it’s sickly it was a delicate balance giving a bread dough that airy and light with the smooth indulgent chocolate coating.



Fuel 10 Granola

I usually am just a plain oat kinda girl but I was also curious and curiosity, in my opinion, is never a bad thing, after all, how can you tell what you like and dislike if you don’t give it a try? Being a student though we wait till it is on offer, I enjoyed this granola so much! The little clusters of cocoa oats as well as some golden toasted oats make a very compatible pair, this granola is low in sugar and higher in protein.  Sweetened with juice concentrates and using oligofructose syrup instead of honey to combine the a blend of oats and spelt flakes.

All mixed with tasty dark chocolate curls, a nice sweet indulgent chocolate with a wholesome oaty cluster, nice tasty snack. The clusters provide a crunchy crisp sound as you nibble away at the clusters, very tasty as a snack or on yoghurt.



Crumpet & Coffee American Choas

Now the aesthetics of this chocolate is insane, I am personally a dark chocolate girl, but I have been experimenting recently. Starting with the coffee morning chocolate, and now I have gone all American.

American Choas by Crumpets & Coffee draws you in with a very eye-catching fun filled layer of American treats. A milk chocolate base sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts, fudge pieces, pretzels making a very appealing looking bar. The crunch of the nuts and pretzels provide a perfect balance between the sweet vanilla fudge, as well as a warming chocolate base giving an all-around taste sensation.



ManiLife Creamy Peanut Butter

With it also being national peanut butter lovers day, I had to include my favourite peanut butter of the month! Peanut butter doesn’t last very long in my house which means I get to try lots of new and exciting nut butter’s pretty much all the time. Next on my list was ManiLife creamy peanut butter.

Indulge in texture and let your taste buds revel in thick, creamy peanut butter!

A smooth, creamy golden peanut butter all the way from Argentina, this nut butter is excellent there are no traces of shells giving a beautiful peanut colour, the aroma is well what can I say its heaven. That’s not very professional though so, a toasted nutty smell, the texture is silky smooth very good for drizzle.



Peanut Butter

Turning The Page: Moving Forwards From ED

I won’t try and sound all inspirational because I am not, I am just a girl who decided that she wanted more…she wanted to be free!

I wanted to share this moment with you, in the hope that it might help just one person feel that there is hope. No matter how hopeless you may feel there is a way!

I  came to a massive realisation today, and that is that there is no longer anything to be afraid off, in recovering from an eating disorder it can be hard to let go. It is a very hard internal battle that takes so much courage and strength to fight every day, no matter how impossible it may seem, know you are not alone. Letting go of the last parts of your eating disorder can be the hardest to let go of the clutch, the label, but nothing terrible will happen!

Sure mistakes were made; I made them often, thoughts control my behaviour and I took a few steps back but looking back I would not change any of it…not the hours spent screaming or the first time I eat out at a restaurant again. Want to know why?

Because all of it the good, the bad and the ugly has made me who I am today…I am not perfect but no one is, I am grateful for the small things and the strength from within to not give in! I had an eating disorder, and for so many years that was the only identity and life, I ever knew.

Who am I without it?

I know this is a question asked by many, but you are so much more than your disorder, it does not define you, that number on the scale means nothing, it does not define you nor should it determine your happiness!

You probably think she can talk, but didn’t she feel anything when she saw the scale go up? I would be lying if I told you, that I didn’t let it rule me. Telling myself not to exceed a certain number, that I would be less worthy or couldn’t be happy being heavier. When in reality that’s the disorder trying to find a way back in!

It has taken me the best part of four years to get to where I am now, and funnily enough, I am still gaining!

However, that’s ok it is not a race, there is no time constraint you have to do it your way, there is no right way! I could look back at my journey and regret how long it’s taken, but what purpose would that serve, it takes as long as it takes. You learn the most through mistakes and experiencing all the non-numerical victories along the way.

Today I can see the joy in everyday life; I can think, walk, talk…all the things that many take for granted. I feed myself yes with X amount of calories, and I weigh X amount more but what truly matters is how you feel!


Going out and socialise, eating out without fear, going to London, Berlin and all these fantastic places alone with no fear! Gaining weight was scary, but it has been the most significant achievement to date setting myself free from the PAST!

Let it go…the longer you hold on the more time you lose trying to find who you are, who you want to be. There is so much to see and do that I think maybe sometimes we could all take a moment to put a number into perspective!

Should it determine your happiness?

From my experience, It should not.

If you have stuck around through this little ramble then thank you, and I just want to leave you with this….what are you grateful for in your life?







Choc Chip Energy Bites

Chewy, nutty, chocolatey bite! A wholesome oaty energy bite, perfect for your on-the-go snack.

These little energy bites are date free and require no blender, I have been working on perfecting these little bites for some time now which means I’ve had quite a few yummy bites for my meal prep!

With peanut butter and chocolate they are perfect little pick me up for afternoon snacking!



30g Oats

10g Flax Seed Powder

30g Sukrin Peanut Flour

30g Go Nutrition Whey

15g Chocolate Callets

40ml Water

oat energy bites


Mix with peanut flour with water until you get a thick paste, then add the remaining ingredients to combine (minus the chocolate).

Once the other ingredients have bound finally add the chocolate callets, store in the fridge to harden a little then roll into the desired amount of balls.

choc energy bite

Macros for 1 makes 8




3.8c (1f 0.6s)








Halo Top Review

It’s Here! Hallo top has finally crossed the Atlantic bring a low calorie, high protein and low sugar alternative to regular ice creams.

Halo top creamery – they certainly got that balance right there is always a risk of losing the characteristic flavour, texture and mouthfeel of low-calorie alternative but Halo Top has that tongue coating, indulgent mouthfeel.

As an introductory range, they offer a wide variety of flavours including Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Sea Salted Caramel, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Mint Chip, Cinnamon Roll, Peanut Butter Cup.

Currently stocked at Tesco £5 (£2.50 sale price) and Ocado £5.49

“Save The Bowl – You’re Going To Want The Tub”


Don’t hate me but I am not usually a chocolate ice cream kinda girl but I was, however, pleasantly surprised with the creaminess and rich chocolate flavour. A nice full tube of smooth soft scoop chocolate ice cream, which melted perfectly as you dive into the tube.

I was concerned about it being icy with it being a low-calorie ice cream but this was not the case, a very nice smooth palate clinging ice cream. The texture was smooth and silky like regular ice cream, a sweetness that was just right and a nice Belgium chocolate taste.


chocolate halo top

Sea Salted caramel

On opening, you get a very pleasant caramel aroma with a neutral coloured ice cream, again a full tube tops to Halo top for filling the tubes. This flavour was a little airier than the others but still very soft scoop but it had a little mousse sound on scooping.  The salted caramel was balanced with the sweetness of the caramel streaks although there was not too much streaking the overall flavour was well balanced. The ice cream melts in the mouth and as you dived deeper into the tube there were lots of steaks of caramel throughout.


halo top

Cinnamon Roll

I was excited for this one, personally, I have never tried cinnamon ice cream but after this, I am pleasantly surprised on opening you get a sweet cinnamon aroma, and are met with a beige creamy ice cream. The sweetener gave a slightly unusual taste similar to the quest cinnamon roll bar but the flavour was there.

This one again had a really soft scoop and easy to eat, the ice cream melts in the mouth. The cinnamon dances on the tongue giving a highly pleasant sensory experience, and a bonus there is little chunks of cinnamon roll within the ice cream giving a different flavour and texture.


halo top


Overall these are really nice ice creams however I am yet to try the full range as although they are good, I am not quite willing to spend £5 on an ice cream!

Fingers crossed they will go on offer again soon…and I’ll review the others in the range!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Jenn x

4 Ingredient Peanut Cookie Pancakes

After the AMAZING response to the recipe collection, I thought I would add an extra pancake recipe!

Just in case you didn’t have enough recipes to choose from! I have been making a lot of pancakes lately ready for this special day, this recipe is super simple and has only FOUR ingredients to make a yummy fluffy pancake stack!

Protein Pancakes


30G Oats

15G GoNutrition Whey

1 egg

50ml Ufit Chocolate Shake

pinch of baking powder


Combine all the ingredients in a blender until smooth, on a heated frying pancake cook about 2/3 mins each side. Then stack!

I decorated mine with my protein Cookie Dough, Pip & Nut drizzle and a lotus biscuit


Let me know if you give it a try… Happy Flipping!


Macros  pancakes only




21.1c ( 3.1f 2.8s)




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