Should you AVOID GLUTEN ?

The gluten-free tend is NO new craze but it seems that there are forever new diets popping up, new products and people cutting out gluten products in order to live a “HEALTHY” lifestyle.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein found naturally occurring in cereal grains that give it structure, texture, elasticity and provides a network used to make bread, cereal bars, pasta etc. The gluten content in grains varies depending on the protein content and type of grain.

Who should avoid GLUTEN?

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What Germany Has Taught Me !

When I first got told about REFLECTION I hated it, I crave answers, a right or a wrong way of doing things but even as a scientist I cant be so close-minded. The evidence is only valid until it is disproven right?

Ok so I am already going off on a tangent but basically, guys as you know I went to Germany the past two weeks for an International summer school. I know right, crazy me wanting to do more uni work during the holidays but I am so glad I went. The confidence to apply came out of nowhere, ok not entirely true it came after saying YES to going to a fitness meet up earlier in the year. You may rememberΒ meettheukfitfam? meeting all the girls sharing stories gave me the confidence to want to start living again.

So I applied and you can guess what happened next I got in, somehow lol but anyways I made it my mission to make the most of it, talk to people and just give myself permission to enjoy myself. No it didn’t happen right way and there are things I could have done differently but wow I have never laughed so hard.

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Let’s get to know each other

Where are my manners, come on Jenn you don’t start a new blog without introductions. As usual, I am jumping ahead haha, so introductions Hello, I’m Jenn @Fit_Foodie_Fan on Instagram.

So why the new blog? well, I wanted to bring more personality and other aspects of my life beyond recovery, as I felt the last blog was very focused on recovery and the struggles along the way and let’s face it. It’s not all doom and gloom, plus believe it or not, there are so many other things that I enjoy like fitness, nutrition, baking, and maybe blogging although English is not my strong suit.

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Why “Clean Eating” Is a Myth

What is clean? the chances are everyone will have a different definition

A Vegetarian: No meat

A Vegan: No animal products

A Paleo: No grains

The list goes on should really be demonising food in such a manner? because no matter what you eat someone will have an opinion whether it’s the right things to do or quote on quote the “healthy” option.

Let’s examine that shall we, what makes a food healthy? Is it the nutrient density? the calorie content? the fact that it’s all over social media? A healthy food can be any food as long as it is consumed in a healthy quantity. Read More

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